Orientation & Seminars

The Trustee's office provides various programs for free. Please feel free to check them out!

The Orientation Program was established in Columbus, Ohio in 2003 by Mr. Frank Pees. Its purpose is to educate debtors about the Chapter 13 process and the protections afforded them under the Bankruptcy Code.

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Must bring picture ID and case number.
Email registration to debtored@ch13.org or call 614-436-6700 ext. 112 and provide name, case number, phone number, date of seminar, and attorney's last name. Dates and times are subject to change.
Seminar is free. You are required to complete this course one time only.
Light refreshments are provided at the Columbus location.

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Is There a Realistic Personal Spending Plan?
Learn the basics of cash flow, how to track spending and build a spending plan. Learn about retail strategies and tactics, now to avoid pitfalls, and more.

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My Case Is Confirmed. What Happens Now?
Learn about the Chapter 13 process of paying creditors and the documents you may receive during your Plan. Learn why obtaining your free credit report is an important way to protect yourself from identity theft even during your bankruptcy. Guest speakers share information about avoiding scams currently happening in our community.

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What Happens at the End of My Case?
Guest speakers from the credit lending community will share information about lending practices, the specifics of credit scoring, and what to expect during and after your bankruptcy. Chapter 13 staff members talk about the case closing process and what steps you can take to reestablish credit.

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