Primary Contact Information

  • (614) 436-6700
  • (800) 282-1001
  • (614) 436-0190

Connie Gerhardt

Supervisor of Pre-Confirmation Department
Coordinator Debtor Orientation
Office Coordinator

Tessa Bayless

Team Leader
Plan Analyst

Amanda Kelb

Plan Analyst

Matt Allen

Plan Analyst

Danielle Wellman

Plan Analyst

Christina Sally

Noticing Clerk

Louise Boyer

General Information
Creditor Status Reports
Debtor Statements

Patricia Milligan

Seminar Registration

Shelley Haydock

Supervisor of Post Confirmation Case Administrators

Jill Frey

Case Administrator
(Cases ending in 1 through 5)

Lucy Thomas

Case Administrator (Cases ending in 6 through 9 and 0)

Pam Harper

Senior Accounting Clerk
(Cases ending in 1 through 5)

Marla Schmidt

Accounting Clerk
(Cases ending in 6 through 0)

Don Mains Esq

Supervisor, Miscellaneous Post Confirmation
Attorney at Law, Confirmation Hearings, Miscellaneous Hearings, Judge Preston

Susan Cockerill

Post Confirmation Debtor Modifications
Applications to Incur Debt
Sale of Property

Stacie Rhoades

Post Confirmation Trustee Modifications
Notice of Intention to Pay Claims

Meg Murphy

24 Month Auditor
Credit Education Coalition
Special Projects

Betsy Weber

Closing Auditor

Frank M. Pees


David T. Powell Esq

Attorney at Law
Miscellaneous Hearings, Judge Hoffman

Kathleen Mills Esq

Attorney at Law
Confirmation Hearings, Miscellaneous Hearings, Judge Caldwell

Len Weatherby


Jeremy Rhoades

Systems Manager

David Marteney

I.T. Assistant