Below you'll find download links for various Chapter 13 forms.

To view or use these forms, you'll need the latest version of Adobe Reader which you can download below.

EFT Form

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The Chapter 13 Trustee now offers Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as a payment option for our monthly disbursement process. EFT consolidates our disbursements to you into a direct deposit, enables you to receive payments on your claims quickly, and eliminate the potential of checks being lost in the mail. To begin the process of receiving EFT payments, please complete and mail the form below, along with a copy of our disbursement check(s) you would like converted to EFT to our correspondence address:

Chapter 13 Trustee, Edward A. Bailey
550 Polaris Parkway
Suite 500
Westerville, OH 43082-7045

Once received, we will send you the required forms for account verification and authorization. EFT payments will receive an email voucher and you will be able to access the transaction detail via National Data Center ( ) and our 13network website.

Updated 10/1/2020

Agreed Order Suspending Plan Payments

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Pursuant to General Order 42-1, the Chapter 13 Trustees in the Southern District of Ohio, with the approval of the Bankruptcy Judges, have prepared a form Agreed Order Suspending Plan Payments for your use.

Updated 04/08/2020

Application to Incur Debt

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Application to Incur Debt requires Acrobat version 9.1 or later. Please use the Acrobat link at the top of the page to get the latest version.

LBR Form 4002-1

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Debtor's Certification Regarding Issuance Of Discharge Order

Updated 11/13/2020

Mandatory Chapter 13 Plan

Cases filed AFTER September 10, 2021:

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Cases filed PRIOR to October 1, 2020:

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Cases filed PRIOR to December 1, 2017:

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Cases filed PRIOR to December 1, 2016:

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Proof of Claim

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Profit Loss Statement

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