Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question please feel free to submit it to our office so others may benefit!

If you're just looking to stop by or perhaps send us something other than a payment, our office address is:

(Please note, this is NOT a payment address.)

550 Polaris Parkway; Suite 500
Westerville, OH 43082-7045

If you are looking for our payment address, it is:

Chapter 13 Trustee, Edward A. Bailey
P.O. Box 342
Memphis, TN 38101-0342

We are open from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

This happens whenever the login information your using is incorrect. Your username is your 7 digit case number with no dashes or any other characters. Your password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

For example:

Mary Smith's case number is 17-54321 and her Social Security number is 123-45-6789

Her username is 1754321 and her password is 6789.

You may securely upload your tax returns here:

Just make sure that your document is less than 15 megabytes in size and that it is finished loading before clicking "Upload!".

If you need to mail in your Chapter 13 payment, please use the following address:

Chapter 13 Trustee, Edward A. Bailey
P.O. BOX 342
MEMPHIS, TN 38101-0342

If your check has not cleared your bank, then more than likely the check has not cleared our bank. Until that time, we will not know the status of your check.

Unfortunately, we do not take payment over the phone.

Yes, you may, but only if your case has already been confirmed.

Unfortunately, we do not have that ability at this time. However, you can ask your attorney for information about our TFS system.

The United States Trustee's Office will not allow us to accept "walk-in" payments. All payments must be mailed to our lockbox address. You can find both our normal lockbox address and overnight lockbox address in the FAQ on this page.

Our bank lockbox is located in Tennessee. We have no control over the bank's chosen location.

Before sending the payment to us, TFS withdrawals your payment and keeps it for 5 days to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover your check.

Your payment must first travel to Tennessee where the bank will process the payment and send us the deposit the following business day. Sometimes, this process could take a few business days. It could also be experiencing delays due to the Post Office.

Bankruptcy rules provide that Plans paying a dividend of less than 100% to unsecured creditors last at least 36 months, if Below Median Income or 60 months if Above Median Income.  Please email your Case Administrator to find out how many months are remaining in your plan.

You can find your case administrator by visiting our Office Directory and clicking on "Case Admins" to see a list of our case administrators and which case numbers they administer.

In order to receive notices of legal documents, a notice of address change must be filed with the Court. Contact your attorney immediately to have your address filed.

Please use the secure upload section of the Trustee’s website.

Starting with your plan payment amount, subtract the current Trustee fee and any monthly payment amounts specified in the plan (mortgage conduit; attorney fee permo; auto payments; lease payments; etc.).  If the result is a negative number, then the plan payment is not sufficient to cover all fees and conduits.